INCA3 Camera System

INCA3 Camera System is a digital camera designed for very precise photogrammetric spatial (3D) measurements of objects or their components based on a fast multiple digital image acquisitions, while recording control points outside the object and measured check points on the object. Botht he control points and check points are marked by special highly reflective adhesive targets enabling their automatic identification and highly accurate pointing.

Features of INCA3:

  • it is equipped 8MPx CCD chip (3500 x 2300 pixels) with dimensions of one pixel 10x10 µm, creating black and white images with radiometric resolution of 12 bits / pixel, i.e. video output is in gray scale in order to increase the capacity of image data recording
  • it is equipped with a lense with focal length of 21 mm, which is permanently focused in the range from 0.5 to 60 m from scanned object
  • it is equipped with Wi-Fi, which enables wireless transmition of scanned data (JPEG) to a workstation for immediate processing of upto several hundred images
  • jit is equipped with a special flashlight which is the source of stroboscopic light around the -lens providing immediate adequate lighting of reflecting targets. For lighting of targets on objects at a distance greater than 10 m an additional external flash can be used
  • it takes images in rectangular format 4:3 whose horizontal image angle is about 77 ° and a vertical one 56 °
  • it may take up to 18 images at speed o 2 images/s in the case of fast-moving objects/phenomena
  • it achieves standard deviation in determining the spatial position of the check point σ = 5µm +5µm / m (distance of the camera from the object), i.e. 25 µm /4 m (standard measurement distance)

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