3D modeling

Our  company has developed and still develops a software program (TunnelExplorer) for creating a 3D model of a building construction, e.g. of as a tunnel, on basis of its cross-sections and levelling alignment. Such a model is an important aspect for the geodetic surveying of other structural parts of the building construction, like niches for electrical current devices and emergency lighting, making it possible to prevent some structural defects.

Besides that, the application creates a model using a set of sections by selected steps. The application can be used for calculation of excavated volumes for tunnel construction together with data acquired by a compatible scanner.

CCE Prague, spol s r.o. offers:

  • complex processing of 3D models of building constructions
  • volumes calculation of tunnel excavations, which significantly influence the resulting cost of construction
  • drawings of other elements in 3D models,which prevent structural defects