Special Equipment and SW

CCE Prague, spol. s r.o. uses following SW:

  • Autocad 2000, 2007, 2013 – Autocad is a software for 2D and 3D design and engineering, developed by Autodesk
  • Leica Geo Office – The Leica Geo Office (LGO) is a complete suite of software that allows measured data processing, support of real-time measurement, management of these data and mission planning
  • Groma – GROMA is a geodetic system designed for complex processing of survey data starting from the raw data supplied by the total station to final lists of coordinates, computing protocols and control drawing
  • Kokeš – Kokeš is a program for all common geodetic surveying activities like e.g. mapping and updating of maps and for processing of geometric plans. Some of its additions are designed for some special applications
  • DMT Atlas – Atlas is a SW for processing of elevation data. It is mostly used for volume calculations and plotting of contours
  • TunelExplorer – is a SW developed by our Company that is used for 3D modelling and computation of deviations of as-built constructions from the project. This SW is compatible with CAD tools
  • RHINO – Rhino (Rhinoceros) is a 3D program for modelling, drawing and calculation of geometric shapes
  • V-STARS – V-STARS is a special SW thatis supplied as an application and computing environment for deformation measurements of structures and comparing the final product with the design using close range photogrammetry. CCE Prague, spol. s r.o. is the only company in the Czech Republic that owns this technology
  • Spatial Analyzer – SpatialAnalyzer is an application for 3D modelling (drawing) environment and calculation the length, content and volume of any structure. It is also a powerful tool for linking (in real time) any number of measuring devices that are not compatible with each other. It makes possible to perform calculations and measurements in a uniform environment for all instruments
  • On-Line Monitoring – On-Line Monitoring is another application that was developed by CCE Praha, spol. s.r.o. This application may continuously (in a “loop”) and automatically measure any number of points and compare their actual position with previous measurements or with a non-linear function in real time. Such points can be:
    1. stationary – On-Line Monitoring most often compares the position of the actually measured point with his first measurementat the same station. This determines if there has occurred a movement of the stationary point or not. Measurement of any number of points is done in a loop until operator’s intervention
    2. non-stationary – Online Monitoring compares the position of measured points with points that lie on a previously defined non-linear function and detects deviations during movement of measured points. This technology can monitor movements of of structures according a predetermined trajectory, e.g. while ejecting bridge construction