Engineering Surveying

Our Company provides necessary geodetic surveying activities and all associated activities for investment development (performance of duties of the Chief Geodetic Surveyor during construction).

  1. Geodetic Surveying prior to construction activities
    • documents for project elaboration (planimetric and altimetric surveys of the area concerned, geodetic survey of the as-built project)
    • statements of the facility networks administrators and subsequent setting-out of these networks
    • ownership relations (survey sketches, setting-out of the building site)
    • survey of geodetic control
  2. Geodetic surveying activities in the course of construction
    • completion of geodetic control
    • positional and geometric setting-out of buildings
    • geometry checking (checking of casings, steel constructions during welding, placing of dilatation closings, concrete and steel structures during their production, assembly of bridges, tunnelling and primary and final lining)
    • monitoring of construction processes (ejection of bridge structures, traction of formwork, monitoring of constructions during activation of the supporting systems and processes affecting their statics)
    • setting-out during earthworks (roads and highways, railways, earth stripping, excavation for building foundations)
    • calculation of earthwork volumes
    • levelling (building levelling, accurate building levelling, precision levelling, high-accuracy levelling, extra high-precision levelling)
    • phase and periodic measurement of deformations (vertical and horizontal) and structural changes of buildings
    • surveys of crane tracks geometry
    • gyrotheodolite surveys
  3. Geodetic surveying works during completion of construction
    • geodetic survey, including laser scanning, of projects as-built (buildings, facility networks, road and highways, underground structures, water works)
    • preparation of necessary documentation

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