Close Range Photogrammetry

CCE Prague, spol s r.o. has proprietary technology V-STARS/S, which is designed for high accuracy measurements of deformations or for comparison of actual performance of the product against its design. Accuracy of measurement based on application of close range photogrammetry is 5 µm + 5 µm / m, i.e. 25 μm/4m (standard distance measurement).

The entire system is based on fixing highly reflective adhesive or magnetic targets/labels on the measured object. Then a series of photographs by a special “INCA3 camera” is taken. The photos are transmitted by Wi-Fi to a workstation for processing and creating of 3D model of measured object. The measurement and processing are effectuated practically simultaneously.

Advantages of V-STARS:

  • simple use and installation
  • high accuracy of identification of marked points
  • high-speed image data processing
  • high speed of comparison of actual size and shape with the project data

CCE Prague, spol.s r.o. offers application of this technology for:

  • measuring and evaluation of industrial structures during load tests, running-in of turbines, rotor blades, wind power plants, airframes etc.
  • high accuracy measuring of industrial structures, construction of 3D model, evaluation of geometric characteristics by calculating deviations of actually measured data from design data

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