“Blanka” Tunnel Complex

CCE Prague, spol. s.r.o. participates in the construction and in geodetic surveying related to the construction of the Inner Prague Ring Road in Prague (“MYSLBEKOVA – PELC-TYROLKA”).

1. Information about the Construction

The Tunnel Complex “Blanka” in Prague is surely the largest underground structure currently under construction in the Czech Republic. This large construction is realized in the frame of development of the north-western part of the City Ring Road, whose total length is 6 382 m thus complementing the already operating part of the Ring.Road of about 17 km with tunnels “Zlíchov”, “Mrázovka” and “Strahov”. Once opened for traffic it will be the longest tunnel in the Czech Republic, the longest city tunnel in Europe, and at the same time the longest continuously excavated tunnel in this country (2.230 km).

2. Geodetic Surveying

Geodetic activities associated with the construction of “Blanka “Tunnel Complex in Prague are characterized with high requirements on accuracy and quality of measurements. There are geodetic activities on surface and underground. Underground surveying is more influenced by environment such as high humidity and poor visibility. Company CCE Prague provides a function of the licensed surveyor responsible for the entire construction. It also carries out monitoring of building pits and trenches on “Troja” building site, control measurements during tunnel excavation, control surveying of as- to-built performance of the construction and its comparison with the project and other occasional services according to client’s operational demands as well..  CCE Prague in cooperation with the firm IDS have also built up the basic geodetic setting-out networks at building sites “Troja”, “Holešovice” and “Letná” and ensures also maintenance of these networks. It also carries out orientation of traverse legs in tunnels using gyrotheodolite, and 3D laser scanning of the primary tunnel linings including their geometric evaluation.