Construction of high-spead communications

CCE Prague, spol. s.r.o. participated in following building activities:

Geodetic surveying for SOKP 512
construction of the Prague City Ring Road section “Jesenice – Vestec”. The objective of the building activities was construction of new four-lane road (express road) in category MR 27,5 / 100 in length of 8.7 km, including replacement of utility networks and all related activities. The project included construction of three flyover junctions, 21 bridges (bridge over the “Botič Creek” – 158.6 meters, bridge over the “Dobřejovický Creek” – 250.7 meters, bridge on the new rooting of 11/101 – 97.6 m, bridge on the road 11/101 over D1 Motorway – 77.0 m, bridges across D1 – (93.75 m, 93.75 m and 77 m). Complete area of the road surface is 210,000 m2. The construction was carried out in order to ease the traffic situation in Prague – as an interconnection of motorways D1 and D5.

Geodetic surveying on R7 highway.
Construction”R7 flyover crossing Droužkovice” – flyover crossing “Nové Spořice” is part of a series of constructions to increase the capacity of the existing two-lane road i / 7 to four-lane express road R7. It is included in the long.term plan of motorways and roads network of the Czech Republic. Main road R7 Prague – Chomutov– state border with the Federal Republic of Germany (border crossing “Hora Sv. Šebestiána – Reitzenhain”) will enable a faster traffic-carrying capacity between the Czech inland and the region of Chemnitz in Saxony and with Countries of the European Union as well.

Geodetic surveying for construction of building objects 214 and 205 on the express highway “R6” in section “Nové Sedlo – Sokolov”. It was a steel orthotropic structure across the “Ohře” river and over the railway “Karlovy Vary – Sokolov”.